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Play together, stay together

Geng is the best way to play fun, simple games with friends, battle-royale style! It's perfect for hangouts on Clubhouse, Zoom, Telegram, Twitter Spaces etc.

100,000 hours and counting

During the pandemic, we invented a cool new way to play together inspired by being forced apart. And now, we're sharing that with you and your friends. Hope it keeps your geng together like it did ours.


*PS: We're a weeks-old pandemic hack going public by popular demand. So far, our community has logged over 100k hours of playtime so it's been a little crazy around here. Please be patient with us, we're still in beta. Give us feedback or keep up with updates here.

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The pandemic is the single most jarring experience we've collectively lived through in our relatively short gen-z/millenial lives. At its peak, we saw a lot of innovations around remote working, remote shopping, remote talking, even, remote conferencing, but not much around a fundamental human need, remote playing. So, we built one.

A geng that plays together, stays together

We believed the age-old adage, "a family (or geng) that plays together, stays together". Turns out it's pretty spot on. Our invention really worked for our friends and introduced us to some new ones too. We hope it works for you & yours as well.


Introducing the Inspiration Laboratory (N-labs)

We are a group of scrappy entrepreneurs bound together by our vision of an Africa that's solving the world's most interesting problems through world-class software. We're inspired by Estonia's story; a country forgotten by the world that now has more tech unicorns per citizen than anywhere else on the planet.

Brilliance is evenly distributed, opportunity is not

Africa is full of perplexing contradictions...

Segun Bash

Segun Bash @sunbash

Emmanuel Adegbite

Emmanuel Adegbite @olucurious

Tomi Walker

Tomi Walker @tomiwalker_

Richard Adaramola

Richard Adaramola @richard_tiwa

Mofope Ojosh

Mofope Ojosh @mofopeojosh

David Ilenwabor

David Ilenwabor @davidemi07

Olawale Ahmed

Olawale Ahmed @ahmedmolawale

Say hi, join us!

You Say hi, join us!